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Agile software development

High-quality software solutions - holistically and individually developed for you

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  • Holistic coverage of the development process
  • Efficiency and quality guarantee
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What is Agile Software Development?

Agile software development refers to the process of creating and improving software using an agile framework such as Scrum. An agile development project begins by defining the users and creating a product visionVision with problem areas, opportunities, and values that the product should address. The product or development team producesSmall, self-organizing teams then produce working software components as quickly as possible so that ongoing feedback and experience from using the software can guide the development process. 

This approach goes back to the Agile Manifesto of 2001, which states the following core values:

  • People and interactions before processes and tools
  • Functioning software before comprehensive documentation
  • Cooperation with the customer before contract negotiations 
  • Responding to change before following a rigid plan

These values still hold true today and are lived by our teams.

What does Agile software development mean for us?

The agile core values still leave a lot of room for interpretation, so that in the end there are still many different ideas about what constitutes the agile method. With a focus on our customers, agile software development means the following for us in particular:

  • Software that works very quickly: In the digital world, where companies face ever-increasing competition, time-to-market is one of the biggest hurdles. With our approach to agile software development, you are able to get software into productive use faster than the competition.
  • Regularly verifiable results: Our frequent releases (usually every 2 weeks) and feedback loops give our customers more frequent opportunities to see and test the software. This approach to agile software development allows us to make decisions and changes throughout the development project.
  • Iterative approach: The project owner and the development team use regular sprint planning meetings to discuss the results of the previous sprint (2-week work phase), create a sprint backlog (number of tasks to be completed in the upcoming sprint), and update the product backlog (set of open requirements). In this way, the requirements definitions always remain up-to-date and take into account the results of the previous work.
  • More responsibility in the development team: In agile software development, the team is connected by values and principles instead of hierarchies. Each team member knows that they are responsible for themselves and the success of the team.
Common challenges and our solutions

Make software development easier

Teams in many companies today use the agile methodology for their software development projects.

However, many companies struggle with poor plannability ("agile = everything changes all the time") in agile software development. Milestones are delayed and deadlines are not met. Our approach for optimal planability is active scope governance. We create a project plan and continuously keep track of progress, also with regard to longer-term milestones and deadlines.

Often the lack of budgeting or incorrect budgeting causes frustration in the implementation of software projects. We know that it is not only important that the project is completed on time, but also within budget. Using proven estimating methods and our years of experience, we can provide authoritative estimates even for large and complex projects.

Incorrect developments due to non-consideration of all requirements can cause high costs and lead to a lot of frustration for all parties involved. This does not have to be the case. We do requirements workshops and our systematic approach ensures that dependencies and non-technical requirements are also taken into account in the prioritization.

As your agile development partner, we can adapt the agile methodology to each project and meet your specific goals.

Our capabilities for agile software development

What does P&T do differently?

Our agile approach enables us to develop high-quality software that meets the changing needs of stakeholders cost-effectively and faster than ever before. The unique skills of our teams, combined with our approach ensure optimal results in agile software development:

  • Battle-tested and well-rehearsed: We put together the optimal team for each project, which combines all the required skills and works well together through shared experience, even in challenging situations.
  • Independent and goal-oriented: Once we have understood a customer's goals, we take all measures necessary to ensure success. This includes the selection of methods and team members as well as the precise querying of requirements and the creation of extensive testing opportunities for the customer.
  • Highest transparency: The development process is divided into short incremental iterations, aiming to deliver a potentially shippable product at the end of each cycle. We deliver deployable software every 2 weeks and keep you in the loop at all times.
  • Holistic coverage of the development process: we have expertise in all phases of the development process, there is no management effort for you to coordinate different trades such as design, development and operation.
  • Efficiency and quality guarantee: We guarantee efficiency and high quality through Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Test Automation and Code Reviews.
  • Aligning Agile with business and technical requirements: We evaluate what is required to meet a client's business needs. For example, scaling Agile to meet the customer's growth or meeting the needs of a changing market.

Agile software development

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