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Individual software development

B2B software individually tailored to your needs and challenges

  • Scalable and innovative through leading methods
  • Holistic service as a one-stop store
  • Efficiency and quality guarantee
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What is custom software development?

The terms custom software, individual software or also customer-specific software, refer to software that has been developed specifically for the needs of a user or a group of users and is therefore tailor-made. Under the following conditions, individual software is often worthwhile:

  • Standard software no longer meets non-technical requirements such as security, performance, scalability, data protection (e.g. Excel-based processes)
  • Custom software development is worthwhile when new standard software or a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is to be launched.
  • Individual software development is also the optimal solution for digitizing complex business processes for which there is no standard software.

Individual software development vs. standard software

Our experience is that the decision to develop their own software or to use a standard solution often depends on the cost for companies. 

Although the costs for standard software are initially lower, the costs for customizing often exceed those for individual software development.

In addition, most of these applications come with monthly or annual costs for support or additional storage capacity. In short, the amount of money you see at the beginning is not what your total investment will be.

When you rely on custom software development from the start, you pay only for the features you really need, and not for superfluous functionalities that you will hardly use. 

Standard software sometimes encounters hard limitations that do not optimally meet your requirements. Last but not least, the use of standard software makes it difficult to control processes. In contrast, individual software development allows for complete customization to your needs and wishes. Software should follow your processes and not vice versa.

With us you receive individual software development as a holistic service and as a "one-stop-shop". We support you from the requirements analysis to the implementation to the support and maintenance. 

A common objection to custom development is the long time to go-live. Part of our approach to custom software development is therefore to deliver deployable software every 2 weeks and keep you in the loop at all times. You determine the priority of the features to be implemented and can deliver real value to your users in a timely manner.  

In addition, you can have what you need at the moment developed through individual software development. As your company or business case grows, the software can grow with it, which is often not possible with standard software. 

Building custom software from the ground up ensures that your B2B software fits your business model and operations. Custom software also allows you to incorporate your specific branding and design to provide an exclusive, unique experience for users - whether internal employees or customers.

Common challenges and our solutions

Individual software development

Get the perfect software, individually tailored to your requirements

Many companies and teams have difficulty defining the requirements for their desired software. Since in many cases the requirements must first be defined before someone can be commissioned to develop the software, this often greatly delays development times.

At this point, we help you take this first important step with requirements workshops. Our software developers have years of expertise and know how to properly define requirements for a successful project. 

Our agile approach means that changes to the requirements are possible as the project progresses. One of the most important components for us in individual software development is the consideration and inclusion of user feedback throughout the entire process.

Our capabilities for custom software development

 What does P&T do differently?

You can rely on the following things in your individual software project with us:

  • Interdisciplinary expertise: We combine IT know-how with an understanding of your business case. Our experts have outstanding practical skills in building software applications and at the same time can talk to you at eye level about real-world business challenges.
  • A sense of responsibility in the development team: Each team member knows that he or she is responsible for him or herself and for the success of the team. We are in the same boat with you when it comes to project success and maximum added value for your users.
  • Professional requirements analysis: We place particular emphasis on asking the right questions during requirements definition to ensure that you end up with the added value you expect.
  • Regularly verifiable results: Our frequent releases (typically every 2 weeks) and feedback loops give you the ability to influence development and make fact-based decisions throughout the project. You can gather feedback from stakeholders and users to further develop exactly what advances your business case the most.
  • Complete cost transparency: Due to frequent releases and close project control, you can see at any time what added value you get for your money. In addition, we offer results and success-oriented remuneration models. 
  • Versatility and scalability: With us, you can make flexible and cost-efficient adjustments to your product in the future as your user group grows or technical requirements change.

With us, you can get the most out of your investment in technology and have more flexibility to digitize and streamline your operations.

Individual software development

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