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Corporate Startup

Development of digital solutions for corporate startups

  • Development of digital solutions
  • Support as a sparring partner
  • Technical Co-Founding
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What is a corporate startup (spin-off)?

A corporate startup is a spin-off of a startup from an established company - often from a large corporation. A spin-off or corporate startup is a special case of external corporate venturing in which employees of the parent company become founders of the spin-off. In other words, a transfer of personnel takes place between the parent company and the corporate startup.

The key objectives of a corporate startup/venturing strategy are:

  • Exploring new technologies and business models with the intention of developing new strategic ideas.
  • Renew the company's corporate culture to create a more business-friendly environment.
  • Attracting new talent.
  • Developing an attractive brand for the company's stakeholders (partners, suppliers, customers, society in general, etc.).
  • Integration of new capabilities to enter new markets and / or products.
  • Shorten problem-solving times by applying agile methods.

Common challenges and our solutions

Corporate Startup

Modern startups and thus also corporate startups need IT expertise in today's digital age. In many companies, the internal software teams and employees from the internal IT of the corporations are already tied up in existing projects and have no capacity for further tasks. As a result, no transfer of personnel to the corporate startup can take place. In addition, there is the problem that the internal teams are often used to the established rigid processes, which makes collaboration in a corporate startup more difficult.

We support corporate startups with top developers in developing digital solutions and software solutions in particular. We bring well-rehearsed teams that are immediately available and can support a corporate startup at many points.

Building new internal teams is very difficult for companies due to the complex labor market situation in the IT and software development sector. The successful establishment of a team depends on many uncertain factors and cannot be planned in advance.

Our well-rehearsed team, on the other hand, will take care of you immediately. We act as your sparring partner, combining startup and corporate know-how.
Spin-offs from large companies: Why Corporate Startups?

Rigid structures are one of the biggest factors inhibiting innovation in large corporations. Spin-offs offer the opportunity to create more agile decision-making structures and thus immense advantages for promoting innovation. Corporate startups can thus drive innovation in large corporations much more easily.

The establishment of new business models is of immense value for the growth of large corporations. Overly rigid decision-making structures and the resulting lack of innovation often prevent this. Corporate startups have the creation of new business models as an essential goal. More flexible structures enable promising business models to be brought to market and tested more quickly. 

In times of constant change, innovation is the important key competence that defines the success of companies. Agility, flexibility, consistency and the courage to try things out are qualities that innovative corporate startups possess and from which corporations can benefit for a long time to come on the road to digital transformation.

Thanks to the reputation and awareness (and financial resources) of large corporations, new brands can be established more quickly from business models that are considered viable for the future. 

There are plenty of talented people in large corporations who have innovative ideas for enhancing existing business areas or developing new ones. However, the majority of them never get beyond the status of an idea in large corporations. Corporate startups, on the other hand, with their much more dynamic and innovation-focused approach, offer completely different opportunities for intrapreneurs to flourish. This gives them the opportunity to achieve measurable success.

Our capabilities for corporate startup collaboration
What does P&T do differently?

At P&T, we support corporate startups in a variety of areas. We bring software development teams with entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of corporates to work with corporate startups. The years of experience of our top developers provide corporate startups with an ideal partner and the optimal resources to develop digital solutions.

In addition, we at P&T act as your sparring partner for entrepreneurial consulting.

You are still looking for an experienced founding partner with IT know-how and access to innovative resources? We also offer co-founding and technical co-founding on request.

Corporate Startup

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