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Business IT Solutions

Leading IT solutions for the digital transformation of your company

  • Higher data quality
  • Higher efficiency / automation
  • Enabling new process and performance
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What are business IT solutions and why are they needed?

Business IT solutions are programs that relieve you of time-consuming and recurring tasks and automate them.

Custom software development is a process of designing software applications that meet the specific needs of a business. The following can be achieved with business IT solutions:

  • Error avoidance
  • Higher data quality
  • Higher efficiency / automation
  • Some services/processes are made possible by innovative solutions in the first place

Business IT Solutions

In today's technology-driven world, business IT solutions have become a critical component of any successful business. IT solutions can help businesses manage their IT infrastructure and services and improve their performance. As a result, more and more modern businesses are investing in business IT solutions to increase their IT efficiency. 

Companies need to be aware of these changes and embrace them to avoid losing touch. Successful business models also need business IT solutions to evolve.

The use of software to improve services, tasks and processes as well as data management in companies is not new, but is becoming increasingly important.

Business IT solutions serve different purposes, depending on the needs of each company. In many cases, it turns out that the best choice is a customized solution.

Common challenges and our solutions

There is often a fear among implementers that negative experiences from the past could be repeated in relation to the development of business IT solutions. This gives rise to fears that the project could fail and damage their own career. In addition, there is the fear that the expectations of the decision-makers cannot be met. The logical consequence of this is the desire for a capable partner with whom the project can be implemented as easily as possible.

However, it turns out that in particular "overall understanders" who understand both the IT components and the business case are hard to find. A lack of understanding of the business case by developers in practice causes dissatisfaction in many software projects.

On the part of the decision-makers, there is often concern, based on negative experiences in the past, that the budget and the schedule will be torn. Many also fear that a (further) IT project under their own flag will fail. No decision maker wants to achieve an inadequate result and thus disappoint the expectations of his customers (market or other departments). This gives rise to the natural need for reliable time and budget planning and to prove one's own competence with a successful project.

We deliver what we promise and convince with IT solutions that stand up to the demands of practice. Throughout the entire project, our direct communication with you is one of the decisive factors for a successful SW project. 

Acceptance of new IT solutions in companies is often initially low. In larger companies in particular, many different interests and needs come together.

We support user workshops that promote the acceptance of new business IT solutions among all relevant stakeholders. With our cross-industry experience, you avoid usability pitfalls and sustainably strengthen the acceptance of new IT. With us, you don't get off-the-shelf solutions, but personal, expert advice that creates trust and gives you a good feeling.

The high complexity of business IT solutions also leads to inhibitions in many companies and departments.

We simplify these through structured question catalogs, systematized requirements management and visualization. In this way, we generate more clarity in addition to the acceptance already mentioned.

Our capabilities for business IT solutions

What does P&T do differently?

P&T is rooted in a culture of innovation - guided by our values and driven to help our customers succeed. We care about the people we work with, the partners we build relationships with, and the impact our company has on the outside world.

Digitization in business has been one of the central topics for companies in all industries for decades. Business software is essential for its implementation. With our expertise in business software development, we would like to help you advance your company with innovative IT solutions.

Our teams of technical experts with decades of industry experience develop outstanding business IT solutions that position companies for the future. 

Along your value chain, we network our know-how to create holistic and innovative IT and business solutions. As individual, personal and dynamic as your requirements.

With a focus on our customers, developing business IT solutions means the following to us at P&T:

  • Familiarization with your business case (incl. sparring and honest feedback on feasibility and prospects of success)
  • Professional development of software-based business solutions - from requirements analysis to operation
  • Operation and continuous improvement of your solution
  • Analysis of usage behavior and optimization potentials

At P&T, we go the extra mile for our customers.

Business IT Solutions

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